My 2014 Hunting Season is Done

By: Mark Valenzia

We finally moved into our new house and with 2 months until the twins arrive I'd say my hunting is done for 2014. It would be great to get out just one more time but I don't think that will be on the cards.

A Short Hunting Season

This season was super short for me as I was only able to get out once this year. I had bigger plans for this hunting season but it wasn’t meant to be. We had the house build which started right in the middle of the Fallow Deer rut, and then we found out we were having twins. This threw a spanner in the works as we had to tighten our belts money wise and I felt uncomfortable leaving my wife at home with our little boy. The one time I did manage to get out I had to cut the trip short as our little one came down with a temperature.

I wanted to test out some of my new gear too this year, I picked up an Eberlestock Blue Widow a new Canon HF G20 which is absolutely fantastic. I want to do a post later this year on all my gear but as it hasn’t been field tested I’ll wait till next year.

I have decided on one thing though, I’ll be taking some time off next year to get out for at least 3-4 days as that urge to be in the bush will need to be satisfied. I just found out my Great Aunt has deer on her farm down in Victoria but it will be a challenge to get 3 kids under 2 on a plane down south. But this is all part of being a dad and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m also keen to keep on researching hunting techniques, places to hunt and may even use the down time to do some door knocking for new properties here in QLD. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be full on with kids and landscaping the new house but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time, happy hunting.

Mark Valenzia

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